Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will be released May 15th in US

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

The first wave of Smart Electric Drives will be available in select states starting May 15, 2013. Those states include mostly CARB states – CA, CT, ME, MA , MD, NJ, NY, OR, RI, and VT. A full nationwide rollout comes on September 1st.

The Smart Ed comes in 2 trim levels – Coupe starting at $25,000 and the Cabrio starting at $28,000. There is a $750 destination charge on top of those prices.

One of the reasons for the delay in launch in the US was because Smart was figuring out how to offer a battery lease program. There are now 3 different ways to purchase a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.

  1. Purchase the vehicle outright with a 4 yr/50,000 mile warranty
  2. You can lease the Smart electric for $199 a month with $2000 down.
  3. You purchase or lease the car and then rent the battery.

Smart USA puts the cost of the battery pack at $5010. If you decide to purchase the car and rent the battery, the base price of just the vehicle is $19,990. Vehicle owners can then pay $80 per month on a 5 year term to rent the battery. After the 5 years, Smart has a renewal program to extend the battery rental for another 5 years at the same price.

If you would rather lease the Smart Electric Drive and rent the battery pack, you can pay a $119 lease and the $80 battery rental.

When you would like to cancel the battery rental, you can either purchase the battery for the full $5010 valuation, or you will “be required to return the battery to Mercedes-Benz financial services” apparently.

When the Smart Electric Drive pricing was first announced over 6 months ago, it took the EV world by storm with its low price. However, now that Nissan has lowered the price of the Leaf so drastically, the Smart Electric Drive has lost some of its market advantage. Time will tell if customers want the uniqueness of the Smart ForTwo Electric to make up for 3 less seats and slightly less range.

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