Photos of the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2013 Smart Electric Drive UK Edition

Although reviews of the UK Smart Electric Drive have been good, there’s concern about the Renault Zoe, which is a 4 door electric vehicle that will cost around the same amount. Smart is hoping that the uniqueness and following of the Smart ForTwo will help the Electric Drive sales.

2014 Smart Electric Drive Concept

In early 2014, Smart is updating the ForTwo and as the date gets closer more details are emerging. The most suprising, is that French Automaker Renault will no longer be producing its own version of the ForTwo, though it isn’t clear if Renault and Smart will be collaborating on the next generation of ForTwo subcompacts. Despite this, the 2014 Smart ForTwo will still use Renault-developed powertrains. There are no details as to whether or not that includes the Smart Electric Drive propulsion system or not.

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