Smart ED Production

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Logo being applied to vehicle

In the French Town of Hambach, Smart is ramping up production of the 2013 Smart ED. Smart is planning to sell the ForTwo Electric Drive in 30 countries which makes it one of the most widely distributed electric vehicles of all time.

Since production started, over 1,000 2013 Smart ED electric vehicles have rolled off the assembly line at ‘SmartVille’, Smart’s factory. Smart has delivered the first electric drives to customers in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy and Portugal.

In Spring of 2013, buyers in the U.S. will have the opportunity to purchase the latest revision of the electric ForTwo. Starting price will be around $25,000.

The automaker is claiming the 2013 Smart ED can go up to 75 mph, and will have a range of 90 miles thanks to a 17.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack. contributor Laurent Masson took a test drive of the new Smart ForTwo ED in July. “Getting into the car, my first thought was about the not very positive experience I had with the old electric Smart,” he wrote. “This new model is way better.” That’s the same feeling other members on the Smart ED Forum are talking about right now.

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